Who can use this service?

Anyone. Whether you are an existing client of Irwin Mitchell or not, our services are available to everyone. The first meeting is totally free, so we urge you to call us to discuss your financial planning requirements, whatever they are. We can work out whether or not we’re right for each other; and if we can’t help you, we’re sure we’ll know someone who can.

Whatever your situation, we believe you should be able to plan for your future. Call today to speak to one of our advisers on 0370 1500 900.

Is there a minimum amount I have to invest?

No. We don’t value our business or our client relationships based on how much they have to invest.

However, whilst our fees are extremely competitive on the wealth management market, it may not make sense to pay for complex financial advice if you’re looking to invest a smaller amount.

If this is the case, we can still help. Since the first meeting is at our cost, we use this time to work out if IM Wealth Management is right for you.

Call today on 0370 1500 900 to speak to one of our expert team free of charge.

How do you decide the best way to invest my money?

Every client’s needs are different. We only invest when it is best for the client, and we always treat our clients as individuals. We work with our clients to agree goals and ambitions that are realistic and achievable. From there we agree the most efficient investment route to take, appropriate to that client’s unique needs.

This will initially look at maximising tax allowances, agreeing the best product wrappers to use (such as an ISA or a Pension), and deciding which assets have the best opportunity to achieve your goals.

Our process is tailored to you and your ambitions at every stage.

Read more about the 6 step process here.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are transparent and tailored to the work that will be needed on your account. The cost will vary depending on the size and complexity of your account, and how much we will need to monitor it for the duration of our relationship. Our charges are based on the work required, not how much you have to invest.

The first meeting with us is always free, and we only proceed when we have a fee agreement that we’re both happy with going forwards. The cost is then broken down into three parts:

  • Financial planning exercise
  • Implementation fee
  • Maintenance fee

The financial planning exercise is charged at a flat rate across the board and all other fees are agreed upfront. This means you are aware from the start of all the costs involved, the impact of those costs on your existing assets, and exactly what you are getting from us for your money.

You can read more about our fair fee structure here – or call us today on 0370 1500 900 to talk to one of our advisers.

What if I don't agree with your advice?

We understand that not everyone will always see things the way we do. If you don’t agree with our advice, that’s ok – but as a professional business we can only work with clients where we have an agreed process and plan in place.

If, for whatever reason, you believe that an alternative plan is more appropriate to your needs, we will work with you to find a partner that is more suited to what you’re looking for.

I’ve worked out my own investment plan already – can you implement it for me?

This depends on whether we think we can offer you any value and reasonably charge you a fee – if there is any financial planning or tax structuring then we will happily be engaged. Remember that the first meeting is at our cost and nothing is ever lost by having a conversation.

What if I want to change advisers?

Our ethos is always to put our clients first, and this means enabling them to invest in the way that suits them and their plan for the future. While we hope that all of our clients will stay with us for the duration of their financial journey, we understand that sometimes this isn’t possible.

If you want to change to a different adviser, we won’t charge an exit fee. We’ll actually help you find your next adviser, if this is something you’d find useful.


If you have any more questions our advisers will be happy to help. Call us today on 0370 1500 900 or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Get started, why wait?