David Gooding

Senior Wealth Manager

I work with my colleagues to advise clients on areas such as investment, pensions and general tax planning, making sure they get the best advice to support them in their financial ambitions.

I am a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, with over 20 years’ experience of advising wealthy individuals, companies and trustees.

Who is David?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Meeting new clients, understanding what makes them tick and working with them to formulate a financial plan and make sure it remains on track in the future.

What do you do outside the office?

Travel, watch football with my son and listen to jazz.

What's your ideal weekend?

City break somewhere warm.

Favourite book?

Catch 22.

Favourite place?


Dream dinner party guests?

David Attenborough, Warren Buffet and the Reading FC team of 2005/6.

Jon Raettig

Finance Director

More about Jon

I manage the financial aspects of the business, in particular the processes and controls that ensure the protection of our clients’ money and assets.

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Jeff Lader

Head of Compliance

More about Jeff

I am the Head of Compliance for IM Wealth Management and IM Asset Management.

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John Gillies

Head of Operations

More about John

I look after the operational side of the business, overseeing the Client Servicing and Investment Operations Teams.

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Ed Tomlinson

Head of Financial Planning

More about Ed

I am the Head of Financial Planning for the Court of Protection, working with both IM Wealth Management and IM Asset Management to protect our clients' financial interests. 

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Lucy Emery

Financial Services Admin Team Leader

More about Lucy

I am the team lead for the Financial Services Administrative team, providing support for both our financial advisers and our clients.

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Alan Easter

Head of Business Development

More about Alan

I manage all aspects of our Wealth Management business, ensuring we deliver the very best outcomes for all our clients.

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Vicky Clark

Head of Paraplanning

More about Vicky

I head up a team of paraplanners who provide expert report writing and technical support for a team of advisers.

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Richard Potts

CEO & Portfolio Manager

More about Richard

I am the Chief Executive of IM Wealth Management, responsible for all aspects of the business operating through our executive team.

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David Sollitt

Chief Operating Officer

More about David

I am the Chief Operating Officer for IM Wealth Management, working to both grow the business and deliver the best service to our clients.

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Lewis Giaramita

Chartered Investment Manager

More about Lewis

As a Chartered Investment Manager I implement the investment strategy for our in-house funds and client portfolios. 

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