Lewis Giaramita

Chartered Investment Manager

In my role I contribute & implement the investment strategy for our in-house funds and client portfolios, to provide clients with a personalised and bespoke service that reflects their objectives and attitude to risk.

I have over 12 years financial services experience focusing on discretionary management services, and hold a CISI level 7 Chartered Wealth Manager qualification.

Who is Lewis?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the day to day exposure to financial markets – it's fascinating to see how financial markets react to new information. I enjoy using this knowledge to make a difference for our clients and try to achieve the best possible result for them.

What do you do outside the office?

I am a keen sportsman although my rugby & football playing days are now firmly behind me. I am a regular gym goer and have a keen interest in boxing, mixed martial arts and golf.

Richard Potts

CEO & Portfolio Manager

More about Richard

I am the Chief Executive of IM Wealth Management, responsible for all aspects of the business operating through our executive team.

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Alan Easter

Head of Business Development

More about Alan

I manage all aspects of our Wealth Management business, ensuring we deliver the very best outcomes for all our clients.

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Ed Tomlinson

Head of Financial Planning

More about Ed

I am the Head of Financial Planning for the Court of Protection, working with both IM Wealth Management and IM Asset Management to protect our clients' financial interests. 

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Vicky Clark

Head of Paraplanning

More about Vicky

I head up a team of paraplanners who provide expert report writing and technical support for a team of advisers.

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John Gillies

Head of Operations

More about John

I look after the operational side of the business, overseeing the Client Servicing and Investment Operations Teams.

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David Gooding

Senior Wealth Manager

More about David

As a Senior Wealth Manager I work with the rest of the team to ensure that clients receive the very best financial advice to achieve their goals.

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Jeff Lader

Head of Compliance

More about Jeff

I am the Head of Compliance for IM Wealth Management and IM Asset Management.

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David Sollitt

Chief Operating Officer

More about David

I am the Chief Operating Officer for IM Wealth Management, working to both grow the business and deliver the best service to our clients.

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Jon Raettig

Finance Director

More about Jon

I manage the financial aspects of the business, in particular the processes and controls that ensure the protection of our clients’ money and assets.

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Lucy Emery

Financial Services Admin Team Leader

More about Lucy

I am the team lead for the Financial Services Administrative team, providing support for both our financial advisers and our clients.

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