Your Risk Profile

At IM Wealth Management we take time to understand our clients and their goals completely. This means we can make the best decisions when it comes to your money, investing in the way that’s right for you and your future.

Understanding Risk

To do this, we build a detailed profile of you as soon as we get started. In industry terms, this is what’s known as a risk profile, composed of three key parts:

  • Risk required – What you want to achieve
  • Risk capacity – The appropriate level of risk
  • Risk tolerance – How you feel about risk

Once we’ve talked through all three parts with you, we’ll be able to build a unique strategy focused entirely on your individual needs and circumstances.

Your unique profile will form the foundation of every decision we make about your money. We’ll continue to revisit it every time we meet, making sure we’re giving you the best advice possible.

Your Goals

Risk required looks at your goals and the time frame in which you wish to achieve them. Someone who wants to invest steadily over 20 years will have a different set of needs to someone looking to retire in 5 years.

We’ll discuss with you what you want to achieve and the level of risk you’ll need to take to get there. By understanding our clients as individuals, we can put together a plan that's sustainable and tailored to you.

"We're dedicated to providing a consistently strong service, and over the years we've built up a strong rapport with all our clients.

Lucy Emery – Financial Admin Team Leader

Your Assets

Risk capacity is sometimes referred to as capacity for loss. Here we look at the assets you have to invest and how they would cope with potential changes in the market.

We use independent tools designed and created by experts that have passed our due diligence tests to calculate what’s known as your ‘glide path’ and put together a plan that incorporates a level of risk appropriate to your goals and your assets.

This is designed as a lifetime cash flow plan and will be the core discussion in all our review meetings.

Your Peace of Mind

Risk tolerance is about you and your relationship with investment, which is a very personal thing.

This is where our client-led approach is invaluable – while the other parts of your profile are constructed in a very mathematical and analytical way, risk tolerance is about understanding you as a person.

People with the same amount to invest may have very different attitude to risk.

High levels of risk may make some clients nervous, while others may be perfectly comfortable with it. We take time to get to know you, so we can advise on the track that’s right for you.

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